David Short





David Short is a Melbourne based artist and filmmaker whose practice explores various mediums and concepts that revolve around the domestic environment, from inside the home to the backyard.
Early sculptural works explored the dissection of the domestic environment by cutting household goods in half, exposing the unseen and the hidden. This theme was continued with the short experimental film Dissection in 2007, in which David was able to realize his dream by cutting an entire double story brick house in half. This film, funded by the Australian Film Commission, was co-created, co-written and production designed by David under the banner of his production group and collective Isore, established in 2006. Dissection was selected for Melbourne International Film Festival in 2008.
In May 2008 David embarked on a project Land Inspection Now Open for Next Wave Festival 2008. From 99 suburbs across Melbourne, David collected 99 samples of land, which were extracted, valued, individually packaged then sold. Land Inspection Now Open was an exhibition project that employed methods of sampling, land categorization and mapping to illuminate and dissect the concepts of land ownership and value.
After finishing a bachelor of Fine Art (media arts) at RMIT University In Australia, David has combined his two practices of installation/sculpture and film to venture into experimental film and video art works. Both experimental films Kitchen Horror and Carpet Burn where screened at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010 and 2011.